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Heart of the Southbay

The City of Lawndale is a thriving community of approximately 33,000 residents. It’s borders expand 1.9 square miles that is the “Heart of the South Bay.” Thousands of automobiles drive through the streets of Lawndale each day carrying shoppers, commuters and visitors alike.

Long before the City of Lawndale was incorporated on December 28, 1959, Lawndale played a signigicant rol in the history of the area. As a part of the land grant know as Rancho Sausal Redondo, coastal indians hunted for bear and deer which flourished on the green grasses and the abundant water supply.

The Lawndale Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in 1948

After California became a part of the United States in 1848 with the signing of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the land was sold to Scottish nobleman Robert Burnett. In 1885, Burnett sold the land to Daniel Freeman, a canadian, for $140,000. Later known as Freeman Ranch, it beacme a profitable farming operation for many years after. In 1887, an investment group known as the Redondo Land Company purchased large amounts of acreage from Freeman for the purpose of subdivision. It was from this sale that Charles B. Hopper would eventually develop the land that would soon become Lawndale.

A community rapidly grew as churches, schools and businesses developed along Railroad Avenue, now known as Hawthone Blvd. Auther Edgar Rice Burroughs spent a quiet summer in Lawndale and wrote one of his now famous Tarzan books. Roy Rogers and the Sons of Pioneers lived in Lawndale during the early years of their screen and muscial careers. And Lawndale once held an annual agricultural fair which eventually moved to Pomona in 1914 to become the Los Angeles County Fair.

Today, Lawndale is a city flourishing with residential and commercial development. The City of Lawndale offers the advantage of small town living and close proximity to the Los Angeles metropolitan area. This couple with a near perfect location and easy access to beaches and mountains, makes Lawndale a very desirable place to live, work and play while enjoying the ideal living conditions.